Our Technology

Our Technology

In the rapidly evolving world of dentistry, embracing cutting-edge technology is pivotal for providing exceptional patient care. Our dental practice is at the forefront of integrating innovative dental technologies to enhance diagnostic accuracy, treatment planning, and patient comfort. The advanced tools we utilize are the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera, CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scans, the iTero Dental Scanner, and state-of-the-art Laser (Biolase) treatments.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras, particularly the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera, have revolutionized patient communication and diagnostic capabilities in our dental office. This technology provides us with high-resolution images of the interior of a patient’s mouth, making it easier to identify and explain dental issues. The intraoral camera dental tool is an invaluable asset for our practitioners and patients, facilitating a better understanding of dental conditions and treatments.

Laser (Biolase)

Our use of Biolase, a leading laser technology, has revolutionized various dental procedures, making them more efficient and less invasive. This laser technology offers unparalleled precision and reduced discomfort, significantly enhancing your overall dental experience.

CBCT Scans

For comprehensive diagnostic imaging, we offer the convenience of CBCT scan dental technology. This advanced imaging technique provides a three-dimensional view of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in a single scan, enabling precise treatment planning whether you’re searching for a ‘CBCT scan near me’ or a ‘CBCT scan dental near me,’ our practice is conveniently located, offering easy access to detailed dental CT scans.

iTero Scanner

The iTero Dental Scanner is another cornerstone of our technological arsenal. This digital impression system eliminates the need for traditional impressions, providing a more comfortable and accurate alternative for patients. The iTero scanner ensures precise results and a better fit for dental appliances, whether for Invisalign fittings or other dental restorations.

Our dental practice, staffed by local dentists and equipped with a modern dental office environment, is committed to providing top-notch dental services. Integrating these advanced technologies ensures our patients receive the most precise diagnoses and effective treatments. Whether you need routine complex procedures or routine dental care at Designing Smiles, our practice is here to offer the highest standard of dental services, leveraging the best in technology to care for your oral health.

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