Understanding Periodontics: The Basics of Gum Health

Periodontics is a specialized area of dentistry that concentrates on the health and treatment of gums and the supporting structures of the teeth. At Designing Smiles in Hackensack, NJ, our expert periodontists are committed to maintaining and restoring gum health, which is vital for overall dental wellness. Effective gum care supports teeth and is integral to oral hygiene.


Common Periodontal Diseases and Their Symptoms

Periodontal diseases range from mild gum inflammation, known as gingivitis, to more severe forms like periodontitis, which can lead to significant tissue damage and tooth loss. Key symptoms include gum redness, swelling, bleeding during brushing or flossing, persistent bad breath, and receding gums. Early detection and intervention by our experienced gum specialists are crucial in preventing these symptoms from worsening and safeguarding your oral health.

Advanced Treatments in Periodontics

At Designing Smiles, we offer advanced periodontal treatments that utilize the latest technologies and methods to manage gum disease effectively. Our services include non-surgical procedures such as scaling and root planing, performed by our dental implant periodontist, to clean the pockets of the gums thoroughly. For cases requiring more intensive care, our best periodontist might recommend surgical remedies aimed at regenerating lost bone and tissue.

The Importance of Regular Periodontal Check-Ups

Keeping up with regular periodontal check-ups is crucial for maintaining gum health and catching potential issues early. These visits allow our periodontics Hackensack NJ team to monitor your oral health and provide necessary treatments promptly and closely. At Designing Smiles, each patient receives a tailored preventive care plan that includes routine cleanings and assessments from our dedicated periodontal treatment specialists.

Preventive Measures to Maintain Optimal Periodontal Health

Preventive care is critical to avoiding periodontal disease. We advise patients to maintain a stringent oral hygiene routine, including brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and using mouthwash. Lifestyle modifications like maintaining a nutritious diet and avoiding smoking also benefit gum health. Our local dentist and gum doctor provide comprehensive guidance and professional cleanings to help you achieve and maintain optimal periodontal health.

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