Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most demanded treatments. It is engineered to elevate and eliminate stains from the surface of your teeth, resulting in a brighter and more attractive smile. At Designing Smiles in Hackensack, NJ, our advanced teeth whitening solutions target discolorations caused by common culprits like coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, and natural aging.

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments

Our dental office in Hackensack offers a variety of teeth whitening options tailored to meet our patient's individual needs and preferences. You can choose from in-office teeth whitening for immediate results or custom-fitted take-home kits for gradual whitening. Our in-office professional teeth whitening treatment uses a powerful teeth bleaching agent activated under controlled conditions, providing safe and substantial whitening in a single visit.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Professional Benefits

Choosing professional teeth whitening at Designing Smiles provides significant advantages over over-the-counter products. With the guidance of our skilled teeth whitening dentist, you can achieve faster, more effective, and longer-lasting results. Professional treatments are specifically formulated to reduce tooth sensitivity. They are meticulously applied to protect your gums and the rest of your mouth from the effects of bleaching.

Maintaining Your Brighter Smile After Whitening

Maintenance is vital to extending the benefits of your teeth whitening treatment. We recommend avoiding stain-causing foods and beverages for the first few days after treatment and adopting good oral hygiene practices. It advice brushing twice daily with whitening toothpaste, flossing regularly, and scheduling periodic professional cleanings and whitening touch-ups at our Hackensack dental office.

FAQ About Teeth Whitening

Many patients inquire about the safety and duration of teeth whitening results. Our cosmetic teeth whitening procedures are safe and effective, with results that can last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on your habits and oral hygiene. Regular follow-up appointments with your nearby dentist will help manage and even extend the duration of your bright smile.

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